Kidney stones. What you need to know and how to treat correctly
Treatment and dissolution of urate stones with diet
Kidney stones are smaller than the head of a pin. Almost invisible to the naked eye. But this hurts
Tormented by nausea in the morning? Constantly feel nauseous after eating? Let's figure out the reasons!
Why do you feel sick in the morning? Causes of nausea after eating How to determine the exact cause of nausea? What
Why does a baby spit up after breastfeeding?
09/23/2019 Reading time: 6 min 3071 0 Main causes of regurgitation in children Pathological
A child has diarrhea and vomiting: how to recognize an infection
Our children are very inquisitive and curious. They explore the world and try to evaluate everything
unpleasant smell of urine
Why does sweat smell like urine - causes, factors, diagnosis and treatment methods
According to scientists, people choose their soulmate based on body odor. It is believed that
Gastrointestinal adenomas (adenomatous polyps)
Adenomatous polyps Precancerous diseases of the colon can become malignant, i.e. transform into a malignant tumor. The most
Image 1: Flatulence - Family Doctor Clinic
Belching, bloating and intestinal bloating: What to do
Heartburn and accompanying symptoms The general clinical picture will help determine a preliminary diagnosis and carry out only
Inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes. Causes. Diagnostics
Lymphadenopathy is a condition that is characterized by an increase in the size of peripheral lymph nodes and a change in their consistency
Trukhmanov Sergey Dmitrievich_ proctologist consultation.png
10 interesting facts about the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidal disease) is the collective name for pathologies of the rectum, in which internal and
Clear the intestines of fecal stones, mucus, parasites
How to get rid of fecal stones at home Fecal stones (coprolites) are dense
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