Gelarium Hypericum - description of the drug, instructions for use, reviews
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What you need to know about psoriasis: causes, symptoms, treatment and complications
Risk factors (causes of development) Psoriasis occurs in approximately 3% of the world's population, regardless of
Cream soup
Diet for liver and pancreas diseases
When the function of one of the organs of the digestive tract decreases, the pathological process inevitably involves
iodine deficiency in the body
How to replenish iodine deficiency in the body with food
Full text of the article: Surely you have heard about iodine deficiency in the body. They keep saying this
What are dietary supplements and how safe are they? Let's figure out how they differ from drugs
Why do people resort to dietary supplements? Historically, it so happened that at all times people
Treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Gierke's disease (Glycogenosis type I, Glucose-6-phosphate translocase defect, Glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency)
What is Hers disease? Hers disease (or Hers disease, glycogenosis type VI) is
It is recommended to steam food
Table No. 5 (Diet for diseases of the liver and gall bladder)
Cooking and eating Dishes are prepared boiled, baked, food is salted normally. Food must be
Microdamages of the vagina: what are the reasons for their appearance and how to treat them?
Home Gynecology Adhesions in the pelvis Interview with Prof. Puchkov on medical channel 1 on the topic:
Treatment of fatty liver degeneration, hepatosis
Fatty liver degeneration (non-alcoholic hepatosis)
Home Useful information Anti-relapse treatment Fatty liver degeneration Fatty hepatosis is a liver disease, with
Nutrition during pregnancy
UZ "Mogilev City Emergency Hospital"
Tips for reducing sugar levels Reducing sugar levels in diabetes mellitus helps to achieve a combination
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