What is the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant one?
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Russia. A tumor arises
Zonal anatomy of the cervix.
Cervix during pregnancy: what changes may occur?
Despite its relatively small size, the cervix is ​​a rather complexly organized organ,
Kidney stones. What you need to know and how to treat correctly
Treatment and dissolution of urate stones with diet
Kidney stones are smaller than the head of a pin. Almost invisible to the naked eye. But this hurts
Pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory diseases
Colpitis often develops in women during pregnancy. The disease is diagnosed in 75-80% of cases.
Why does the body need vitamin B15?
Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid): properties, sources, norm
Pangamic acid was first isolated from apricot kernels in the 20th century. She was later discovered
How to teach a hyperactive child to maintain attention
Why is ADHD dangerous? Attention deficit and hyperactivity in children lead to the fact that the child
Cough due to pneumonia
How to detect pneumonia - main symptoms
Pneumonia is an infectious disease that develops under the influence of various microorganisms. Cough due to pneumonia
Tormented by nausea in the morning? Constantly feel nauseous after eating? Let's figure out the reasons!
Why do you feel sick in the morning? Causes of nausea after eating How to determine the exact cause of nausea? What
Why does a baby spit up after breastfeeding?
09/23/2019 Reading time: 6 min 3071 0 Main causes of regurgitation in children Pathological
Pathologies of the fetal spine detected by ultrasound
Hygroma of the wrist joint, cyst, ganglion, synovial hernia are the names of a benign tumor that is localized
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