Pathologies of the fetal spine detected by ultrasound
Hygroma of the wrist joint, cyst, ganglion, synovial hernia are the names of a benign tumor that is localized
Treatment of lymphostasis (lymphedema) of the upper extremities
This disease has a symptom such as swelling (edema). One of the most common causes
“New” chlamydial infection
“New” chlamydial infection O. V. Zaitseva, Candidate of Medical Sciences M. Yu. Shcherbakova, Doctor of Medicine
Clinical (general) blood test
Blood test biochemistry: decoding norm indicators causes
In this article you can not only evaluate your blood test, but also get
Lymph nodes. Lymphatic system and its diseases and treatment.
Lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space and pelvis - treatment of advanced cancer B
Arm pain
Palm and hand (pain in the palms and hands)
In everyday life, we don't often pay attention to our shoulder joint. But
Azathioprine (Azathioprinum)
Use of the drug Azathioprine The dose is selected individually. To prevent transplant rejection, a loading dose is prescribed
Gout is a joint disease
Low-purine diet: who needs it, list of products, menu
About the disease Cost of services Make an appointment About the disease Prices Make an appointment Gout is a severe systemic
Treatment of headaches at the Yusupov Hospital
Neurologist at SM-Clinic spoke about how to get rid of headaches without pills
Every person experiences headaches from time to time. It is associated with various external factors and quickly
Biliary dyskinesia: what is hidden behind this diagnosis?
Biliary dyskinesia: what is hidden behind this diagnosis? Abdominal pain, nausea, constipation -
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