Gunshot wounds diagnostics
Gunshot wounds - features of diagnosing bullet wounds
Gunshot wounds In this article I will give you general characteristics of gunshot wounds, features
Quincke's edema: outpatient care
Almost every doctor in his practice encounters the so-called angioedema, or edema
Fordyce granules
Removal of Fordyce granules (seborrheic cysts) with laser
Fordyce granules Fordyce granules: why they appear and how to get rid of them For someone
Resection of the foot for gangrene and opening of diabetic foot phlegmon
Briefly about the treatment method Phlegmon of the foot is a very dangerous complication of diabetes mellitus and is often
How to soothe your skin: skin soothing treatments and products
How to soothe your skin: skin soothing treatments and products
Skin is the largest organ of the human body, which performs protective (barrier) functions. She is exposed
Stye on the eye
Stye and chalazion. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
Ophthalmologist, Laser Ophthalmosurgery Karapetyan Arevik Samvelovna Experience 7 years Ophthalmologist Make an appointment Acute
Bacterial vaginosis
Inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs
as mentioned above, STDs put you at risk; reduced immunity –
What are nevi and what types are they?
Atypical and dysplastic nevi: do they need to be removed?
Skin weighs up to 15% of body weight. It is the largest organ on which
Vaginal burning: causes. A symptom of what disease can be a burning sensation in the vagina?
Almost every woman has probably experienced itching in the intimate area. Clinical manifestations of symptoms are
Diaper rash (symptoms, causes, treatment, prevention)
Many people face such a problem as diaper rash. They affect infants, the elderly, and bedridden
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